WILT August 15th-18th

(What I’m Listening To)

I’ve decided to stop spamming my social media feed with youtube links to the songs I really dig, and move them into a series of posts on here! I’ll try to keep them to < 5 songs per post.

First up this week, Moderat. I’ve been looking for more good downtempo artists, and Moderat seemed pretty highly recommended in that vein, so I checked them out for the first time Sunday evening. The first song that really struck me was “Bad Kingdom”, which immediately drew me in with the beginning synth lead. The vocals are enticing and fit in well with the heavy feeling of the synthesizers.

Moderat - Bad Kingdom

Further into their album “II”, “Therapy” stood out to me. It builds up from a simple beat to include some awesome distorted vocals and synth work. Would highly recommend.

Moderat - Therapy

Next, Cujo. Cujo is the first production alias of Amon Tobin, who is perhaps my favorite musician of all time. I’ve been listening to Tobin/Cujo for a solid two years, and I keep finding tracks that strike me in a different way with further listening. Cujo’s cut “On the Track” from his first album “Adventures in Foam” became suddenly very interesting to me this week; for some reason, I’d never really paid attention to that funky bass or the strangeness of the vocal samples it contains. It really foreshadows later works, especially tracks from his album “Permutation”.

Cujo - On the Track

Finally, Plaid. If you couldn’t tell by the rest of the content of this blog post, I’ve been in a heavy downtempo mood for the past few days. I listened to Plaid on a recommendation from last.fm, and in my typical fashion when listening to a new artist, I started with their first album. The first track, “Abla Eedio”, started pulling me in at about 30 seconds. The bouncy synthesizers become part of the rhythm section in this song, and the interplay between them and the drum samples is Aphex Twin-esque. I’m heavily reminded of “Selected Ambient Works 85-92”, specifically “Pulsewidth” or “Green Calx”.

Plaid - Abla Eedio

That closes my first What I’m Listening To post, I’ll be putting up a new one whenever I listen to some new music!


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